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The Sedona Facts Collective is a collection of facts and a collective of people supplying and using these facts.

We spent hours, days, weeks, months actually, refining and designing this website, so that you could have the best possible information available.  The intent is to provide a community resource for citizens to gather and share information that they want to use in writing articles for news outlets or emails to their representatives in various levels of government.  We encourage you to use these facts, so that your voice may be heard by those in governance.  We also encourage you to submit facts (noting their sources) that can be added to this compendium.  Information, research data, documents etc. can be submitted to info@SedonaCity.com.

 SFC is also a grassroots organization that is very concerned about our increasing tax burden created by the management of finances by our separate governing bodies - the City Council, the Sedona Fire District, and the Sedona Oak Creek School District.  We are also concerned with the maze of levels, and the public ability to see, digest public documentation. These elements will assist the voters in making a educate vote.

  • UPDATE on Sedona City Sales tax. Did you know that the City Council voted to raise its sales tax .5%, effective March 2018?
    Sedona City sales tax will be at 3.5%, Sedona City Bed Tax 3.5%. Business outside city limits don not contribute to this. Remember city sales tax is on top of state-county sales tax. Understanding Bed and Sales tax page coming soon!
  • Did you know that the School District will probably ask you to pass another Budget Override next year?  

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SFC is an ongoing, ever-growing community project; and we invite you to join us, however you wish to participate.

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